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NB30 4mm Colorimeter


Model:NB30 4mm


Product Introduction
Product Description
Colorimeter NB30 4mm
Repeat accuracy:ΔE<0.05 Display Mode:CIE LAB
Sensor:Photodiode array Color difference formula:ΔEL*a*b
Measure the caliber:4mm Lighting the way:8/d
Measurement conditions:10°observer Light source:D65


    Precision colorimeter NB30 is based on the International Commission on Illumination CIE relevant standards, national

standards developed and produced through the National Measurement SCM certified professional colorimeter. The colorimeter

using the new import key components, carefully designed, with accuracy and stability, simple operation, easy to learn,

affordable and so on.

    The colorimeter used in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, plastics, pigments,

paints, inks, printing, metal, photography, toys, etc. The color quality control, color control, color analysis, sample testing,

production-line testing, is also suitable for injection molding, ink, paint, spraying auxiliary colors.

    NB30 colorimeter 4mm diameter version is a specially designed, especially for a small area, arc and other special surface

type measuring cost-effective precision colorimeter. In a small device, small parts, arc exceptional color quality of face detection

to bring great convenience for the user.

For example:

● 20mm diameter rod plastic products color detection;

● High-end color detection cambered glass bottles;

● Security facilities in a convex, concave ceramic device;

● These products are in the NB30 color detection of 4mm version help easily and quickly completed.

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