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BZY-1 Automatic surface tension meter




Product Introduction

   BZY series -

Surface Tension Meter


1.       Introduction of instrument

(1) Automatic surface tension meter: BZY-1; BZY-2 (Patented product)


1)      Description of BZY-1; BZY-2       

As we all know, the surface tension is to determine the liquid nature principles of solubility, wetting, bubbling, coating and permeability. People often analysis surface tension of a given liquid, and then study the physical representation compared to other liquids or solids. This study is the basic means of quality control in the process of industrialization.


BZY series of Automatic surface tension meter. It provides a perfect solution for customers on the surface tension. It is the perfect ‘linear’, fully able to detect changes due to existence of solution time changes or surfactant. Moreover, the scope of its application will be more widely used due to users’ reasonable and smart use.


2)      The features of BZY-1; BZY-2

Instrument features: Compared with other surface tension meter, BZY series of Automatic surface tension meter including but not limited to the following advantages:

² Automatic measurement, reduce human error to a minimum

² Automatic reading of surface tension balance value

² One key to reset(any number between0400mN),absolutely correct

² One key to calibrate, with standard weights attached, rapidly and accurately

² The platinum plate method, fully comply with the requirement of basic principle of Wilhelmy platinum plate, so as to provide possibility of measuring under the following environment:

l Changes of surface tension due to the presence of surfactants value

l The measurement of high viscosity liquids (automatically read balance value)

l Interfacial tension is not dissolved between two kinds of liquid, such as oil and water.

² Sensor has sensitive response, high accuracy, in order to provide possibility of excellent repeatability and comparability of data .

² Simple operation, without the need for any external computer control

² small machine error, more effective control of all kinds of errors in testing process

² sample temperature cup , sample temperature detection device and the external thermostatic bath can be chosen


(2) Semi-automatic Surface tension meter: BZY-3B; BZY-4B (Patented product)

1)      Description of BZY-3B; BZY-4B   

These two Semi-automatic Surface tension meter technically achieve the basic function of automatic surface tension meter.


2)      The features of BZY-3B; BZY-4B

Compared with other surface tension meter, BZY-3B; BZY-4B has the following advantages:

* Sensor has sensitive response, high precision, liquid crystal display;

* Automatically read the value and the maximum value of the surface tension balance, as long as the selection of platinum or platinum gold plate, plate, ring can be measured

* Manual lifting fast and fine tuning of block two, simple operation, reliable;

* A clear, absolutely correct;

* A correction, with standard weights attached to the rapid, accurate;

* Error of the instrument itself is small, more effective control of all kinds of errors in the process of measurement;

* The use of platinum or platinum ring plate method, connected to a computer, real-time curve matching software:

Can clearly display the resulting from the presence of surfactants change with time tension to rise or decline curve.


Can display two kinds of liquid interfaces of different density from low to the maximum tension value curve and time, such as the oil / water interfacial tension value.

* Optional sample constant temperature cup, external thermostat can control the temperature of the fluid to be measured.

* Low price


2.       Main technical parameters








Platinum plate method

Measuring Range (mN/m)





Minimum Resolution(mN/m





Standard Error (mN/m)

second distilled water at 20℃)





Repeatability (mN/m)







The mode of Lifting



Lifting distance(mm)

30 and 60

fast: 16; 35 scale sleeve: fine fine tuning:0.02/ lattice

Reading time

Usually 35seconds

Power Supply


Dimensions (mm)



Net weight (kg)




3.       Application



Application of industry



petrochemical industry

Testing oil-water interface; controlling the quality of oil


Printing industry

Developing the formula of printing ink, Screen cleaning fluid developing and wettability analysis


Electric Industry

Transformer oil, insulating oil interfacial tension analysis


Cleaning agent Industry

Analysis the absorption rate and nature of Surfactant


Promoter industry

Researching accumulation and diffusion ability


Farm chemical industry

Additive developing, formula and wettablity analysis


Medicine Industry

Interfacial tension analysis ,wettability analysis


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