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NM-2 Liquid Density Meter 

In the drilling process, the most important features is the density of drilling fluid. Liquid density meter is a specially designed to measure the density of drilling fluid, into the middle of the commonly used instruments, and its structure is mainly composed by the frame and the scale bar. Scale rod with the sample cup, lid, blade, level bubble, rider and counterweight, installed in the scale bar on the level of foam beams can ensure that the equipment balance. 

Qingdao Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. hundred Ruida densitometer produced a total of three types, namely: 

◎ plastic sample cup of the liquid density meter 

◎ metal sample cup of the liquid density meter 

◎ fluid pressure density meter 

Samples made using plastic cups, with a strong resistance to corrosion, scale bar single standard, the scale for the metric: 

           g / cm ³ (g / cc) 

   Dimensions: 55 * 10 * 11cm Weight: 1.1kg 

Liquid density meter parameters: 

Model Range Model Range 

NM-1 0.96-2.0g/cm ³ NM-5 0.7-2.4g/cm ³ 

NM-2 0.96-2.5g/cm ³ NM-7 0.1-1.5g/cm ³ 

NM-3 0.96-3.0g/cm ³

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