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YRT-3 Drug Melting Point Tester




Product Introduction

 Main Use

YRT-3 Melting Point Tester has the capillary tube as the sample tube, transferring heat mode by liquid and microcomputer control to heat, reliable, of high precision on temperature control. YRT-3 Melting Point Tester is used to detect the melting point of organic crystallite substances with high degree of accuracy, widely applied in manufacture and R&D of many fields, such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, spicery industry, dyestuff industry, and etc .


  • Record values of the beginning of melting point and the end of melting point
  • Display current temperature
  • Temperature preset
  • Test preset value saved for next run
  • Beep to prompt at one minute ensuring liquid temperature steady after preset temperature is reached
  • Three work mode: reset, prepare and test
  • Begin key and end key can record melting point of two samples


  • Measurement range: Room temperature to 270℃
  • Temp Rising Rate: 0.5℃/min,1.0℃/min,1.5℃/min,3.0℃/min 

    or 1.0℃/min,2.0℃/min,2.5℃/min,2.8℃/min,3.0℃/min

  • Repeatability: ≤ ±0.5℃, < 200℃; ≤ ±1.0℃, >200℃
  • Overall dimensions: 280x 180x330(mm)
  • Weight: 5kg
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