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NSF-1 Stone Powder Content Tester




Product Introduction

 I. Summary

  The instrument is a special instrument for determining stone powder content in the sand. It is in accord with the technical requirements stipulated in the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T14684-2001 “Specification for Sand Used in Construction”.

The instrument is mainly composed of electric stirring device, rotation time controller, holder for graduated cup. It is also equipped with pipette and glass rod.

The electric stirring device is composed of pedestal, standing pole, clamps and stirring motor. It uses a motor to keep the rotation speed stable and adjust the rotation speed.

Adopting a micro-computer for data collection and data processing, the display can show the test time and the rotation speed. You can select different methods to control the procedures as per the Standards.

II. Technical specifications and main structure

  1. Rotation speed of stirrer: adjustable, up to 600±60 r/min (As per the Standard).

  2. Stirring vane: Φ75±10 mm

  3. Cubage of glass bottle: 1 L

  4. Timing device:

(1) Max.: 90 min

(2) Error: ±1 s

  5. Measurement error for rotation speed: ±2 r/min

  6. Self-controlled speed: 600±60 r/min, 400±40 r/min

  7. Self-controlled function:

(1) Optional test methods 1 (MB Value of Methylene Blue Test Methods)

  (2) Test methods 2 (Methylene Blue Rapid Test Methods)

  8. Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

  9. Weight: 8 kg

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