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SYD-2801G Penetrometer (for paraffin xax)




Product Introduction


 1.The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard of People's Republic of China GB/T4985 "Test Methods for Penetration of Petroleum Wax". The penetration needle and other accessories equipped with the instrument can meet the requirements of GB/T4985.

2.The penetration of wax is expressed as the depth that a standard needle of 100 g vertically penetrates into a sample without measurable fraction in 5 seconds. It is used to evaluate the hardness of wax.

3.In general, the testing temperature for wax penetration test is 25 ℃. You can make measurement for needle penetration at a temperature in the range of 25~55 ℃. But you should report the test temperature if it is not 25 ℃.

4.The unit of wax penetration is 0.1 mm. It can be read directly from the display.

II.Main technical specifications and parameters

1.Measurement range: 0~600 penetrations

2.Timing device: you can select 5 s, 8 s, 10 s, 12 s, 30 s, and 60 s; Timing error is less than ±0.1 s

3.Resolution: 0.01 mm

4.Penetration accuracy: ±1 penetration

5.Heater power: 200 W

6.Temperature controlling accuracy: 25±0.1 ℃ (Note: The ambient temperature should not be higher than 20 ℃)

7.Temperature controlling mode: by a high precision digital temperature controller

8.Constant temperature bath: Harden glass bath

9.Bath stirring: automatically stirred by a magnetic stirring wheel

10.Standard needle: 2.5±0.05 g, as per GB/T4985

11.Lifting holder: With coarse and fine adjustment functions; it is used to let the needle point just touch the sample surface

12.Others: Equipped with a cold light source and a magnifier; It is convenient for instrument operation

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