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SYD-2806 Asphalt Softening Point Tester




Product Introduction

 I. Summary

 The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T 4507-1999 “Test Methods for Softening Point of Asphalt by the Ring and Ball Method” and T0606 “Asphalt Softening Point Test (Ring and Ball Method)” in the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is used to determine the softening point of petroleum asphalt, coal pitch, liquid petroleum asphalt, and various other asphalts.

II. Main technical specifications and parameters

1. Shouldered ring: it is also called as sample mold, or sample ring. It is 6.4 mm in height. The diameter of upper opening is 19.8 mm and the diameter of lower opening is 15.9 mm

2. Steel ball: It is 9.5 mm in diameter. Its weight is 3.50±0.05 g

3. Steel ball centering ring: The inside diameter of the ring is 23.0 mm. The center of the ring is 9.55 mm in diameter

4. Test mode: It can make parallel tests for two groups of sample at the same time

5. Bottom plate: It is 25.4 mm distance from the bottom of the shouldered ring

6. Bath: 1000 ml beaker

7. Thermometer: Glass mercury thermometer. The full scale is 30℃~180℃ and each scale division is 0.5 ℃ (it is in accord with GB/T514)

8. Instrument weight: 1.5 kg

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