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SYD-4508D Bitumen Ductility Machine




Product Introduction

 I. Summary

The instrument is designed and made as per standards GB/T4508, T0605 bitumen ductility test in the industrial standard JTJ052 and ASTM D113. It is suitable to determinate the ductility of bitumen — the length when the bitumen being stretched to  crack with a certain speed under regulation condition and temperature.The unit is cm.

II. Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:        AC220V(-5%~+10%), 50Hz。

2. Measurement range:   2.0m(±10mm)

3. Heating mode:        electrical heater

4. Heating power:       3200W

5. Circulation of bath liquid:    strong magnetic pump

6. Temp. control range:      5℃~50℃ adjustable, digital display

7. Temp. control precision:   ±0.1℃.

8. Pull speed:    two grades: 10 mm/min and 50mm/min.

9. Measurement precision:    ±1 mm

10. Ductility display:  digital

11. Cooling style:     1.5 P compressor, input power 950 w

12. Ambient Temperature:   -10℃~+35℃

13. Relative humidity:             ≤85%

14. Maximum power consumption:   4500W

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