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SYD-4508F Bitumen Ductlity Machine




Product Introduction


   The instrument is designed and made according to the regulations of standards of GB/T4508、ASTMD113、T0605 bitumen ductility test, to determinate bitumen length in regulated temperature and speed stressed and be broken, and at the same time to determinate stress force for one of samples.

II.Technical specifications and parameters                                                                                             1.Measuring range:model F, 2m

2.Controlling temperature range:5 ~50℃ adjustable

3.Controlling temperature precision:±0.5℃

4.Measuring precision:±1mm

5.Stress speed:10~ 50mm/min, using frequency converter

6.Measuring force range:0~100KG

7.Measuring force precision:±0.5KG

8.Compressor refrigeration, PC determinates and controls temperature and ductility, and then process data, digital display.

9.Data output: RS-232 standard port and communicate with PC. Output by micro printer.

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