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50L -86℃ Ultra Low temperature freezer




Product Introduction


-86℃ Low temperature freezer (NB-HW50)

Application field

Can be used for scientific research, low temperature testing of special materials, cryopreservation of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products, electronic devices. Applicable to blood stations, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, research institutes, electronics industry, chemical industry, bioengineering, university laboratories, military enterprises, ocean fishing companies, etc.


Temperature Control System

High-precision microcomputer temperature control system, platinum resistance temperature sensor, Can control the temperature more accurately.

 The temperature Inside the cabinet can be set  freely at the range of -10 °C to -86 °C


Security system

Perfect sound and light alarm system (high and low temperature, open door, power off, voltage abnormality, sensor malfunction, low battery, poor condenser heat dissipation, system malfunction, etc.), make the storage of items more safer.

The Protective function of switch on delay and shutdown interval can ensure reliable operation.

The Protective function of Keyboard lock and password to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters

Safety door lock design ensures sample storage is more secure.


Humanized design

High quality steel plate structure, through advanced Anti-corrosion phosphating and spraying process

High quality stainless steel liner, can resistance low temperature and corrosion, long service life and easy cleaning.

Universal wheel design, more convenient to move


Insulation system

The thickness of the outer door insulation layer is more than 90mm, the insulation layer of the box is more than 110mm and the inner door insulation layer is more than 40mm, It can lock the air-conditioning in layers to effectively prevent the loss of cooling capacity.


Product parameters

Model: DW-HW50

Dimensions (width * depth * height) mm: 650 * 599 * 1069

Internal dimensions (width * depth * height) mm: 430 * 305 * 425

Total effective volume (liters): 50

Storage temperature (°C): -10°C~-86°C

Weight (kg): 82


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