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03-II Fixer is a multi-function at instrument of UV radiation system and mainly used in fixing DNA on membrane. It can also be used to cut DNA in agarose gel ,to select RecA mutation, partly digest thymine dimmer by restriction endonucleseas, to eliminate the PCR contamination by means of UV sterilization. And, it is also used in the fields such as UV sterilization and disposal of polymer.

Characteristics: For fixing nucleotides on the membrane, it's only a matter of several-seconds-of-radiation at 254nm by the UV Fixer. However, according to the traditional method the membrane has to be baked for 2 hours at 80OC by using a vacuum oven.


Technical parameters:

● UV wavelength312nm (365nm254nm provided)   

● Exposure time and measuring range0-999.9 minutespower 60W

● UV source10W light tube×5 Information lossless under turning off

● Energy sets and save: 9 exposures display on liquid crystal screen in chinesization

● Time setting and save: 9 exposures Touchable keyboard

● UV exposure Manual set energy:UV shaded window

● UV exposure Manual set time:Wide stainless steel UV

● External dimension360mm×340mm×310mm             

● Exposure room dimension340mm×260mm×150mm 

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