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DYY-1D Electrophoresis Power Supply




Product Introduction



This equipment adopted switching power, and has characteristics of small volume, light weight, easy to use, reliable and so on;

Output information is digital vision, the precision is higher.

Working under the constant voltage state can meet many kinds of electrophoresis requirements.

This product has two sets of parallel output terminal, which can run two electrophoresis cells together.

It has the function of current-limiting protection.


Power supply: Individual sinusoidal AC110~220V±10%  50Hz±2%

Input power: about 120VA

Output range of voltage: (5~ 300)V  (1V / step)

Output range of electric current: (160) mA (Max)

Rated output power:48W(Max)

Ripple coefficient:  <2%

Stability: constant voltage ≤1%  constant electric current: ≤2%  

Adjusting rate: constant voltage ≤2%  constant electric current: ≤3%

Environment Temperature: (15~35)℃

Relative humidity:≤75%

Atomosphere Pressure:75kPa~106 kPa

Time drift: ≤5%

Temperature coefficient: ≤ 0.5%

Fuse Size:BGXP-Φ5×20  3A

The external dimension (W X D X H):(265×225×7)mm

N.W.: about 2 kg

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