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DYY-11B Electrophoresis Power Supply




Product Introduction

 Model: DYY - 11B


■ Metal desk box, all the display and control device are in the front panel and the power socket and the insurance socket are in the back panel; 

■ High-powered ON/OFF switch is the output core of the electrophoresis power supply. High output power, high capability of load, high precision of the control and the high stability of the function;

■ Voltage, electric current and power can be shown at the same time, the state of constant voltage, constant  electric current and constant power can be adjusted and can be converted into one another to ensure the safety;

■ DYY-11B has the protection functions of over voltage;

■ Time display and alarm function;

■ DYY - 11B can be for four units of Electrophoresis Cell at the same time;

■ Parameters can be adjusted finely during the running;

■ Output terminal: 4 pairs in parallel;


■ Power requirement:A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz ±2% );

■ Input power: about 460 VA;

■ Output voltage: (6-600)V (1V/step);

■ Output current: (5-500) mA (1mA/step);

■ Output power: (3-300) W (1W/step);

■ Stability: constant voltage ≤1%; constant current≤2%; constant power ≤3%;

■ Adjustment rate:constant voltage ≤2%; constant current ≤3%; constant power ≤5%;

■    Size(W x D x H): 370 x 300 x 140 (mm);

■ Weight: about 5.5 kgs.

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