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Product Introduction

 The new generation of Nanbei NBT series of ultrasonic cleaner belongs to the ultrasonic cleaner series of ZhengZhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. It offers you a new product selection, whether you are in the laboratory, industrial production line, hospital, clinic, jewelry store, watch and clock shop or household use, NBT series of ultrasonic cleaner can provide you the most satisfactory service according to your needs.

Product Features

* Optional Specifications: 8L,15L,27L,33L

Button control, 3-inch LCD Single screen display

One-button injection& drainage

Real-time display the remaining time and tank water temperature

Less than 60 db Closed type compact muted fuselage

Clamshell head cover

Micro pore PP material ultrasound basket

Range of temperatureambient temperature~80°C


 1.   Dimensions(mm)520Lx370Wx330H

 2.   Tank size(mm)330Lx220Wx195H

 3.   Wash tank capacity15L

 4.  * Frequency40KHz

 5.  * Power450W

 6.  * Heating Power400W

 7.  * Temperature regulating Ambient temperauter~80°C

 8.  * Time adjustment 0-480mincontinuously adjustable

 9.   Power 110~220~240V AC50/60Hz

10. Standard configuration BasketRubber tubeRotary unionOne-button injection & drainage

11. Warranty One year

Specifications marked with * can be customized


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