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AA-7050 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometer




Product Introduction

he graphite furnace camera helps users locate injection probe, view sample status in graphite tubes and optimize furnace temperature programming. 

Graphite furnace gas saving mode prolongs the usage time of protection gas and therefore reduces the operating cost of the instrument.

 Graphite furnace double inner gas path permits an auxiliary gas in addition to the protection gas so as to improve the ashing process and obtain better results

6 coded lamp turret can automatically identify lamp element and record element lamp usage times.

Deuterium lamp fine adjustment mechanism ensures perfect overlap of deuterium lamp and element lamp positions.

Multi-element analysis function and AS-600 flame/graphite furnace auto sampler are equipped to realize fully automated analysis of multiple elements

AA-7050 Specifications


1. Optics System


a)  Wavelength Range: 190nm~900nm


b)  Band Width: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0 and 2.0nm, automatic slit switch


c)  Mono-Chromator: C-T grating Mono-Chromator


d)  Wavelength accuracy/ error: ±0.1nm


e)  Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.05nm


f)  Optical grating: 1800 lines/mm


g)  Blaze wavelength: 250nm


h)  Baseline stability: static state baseline≤0.002A/30min, dynamic baseline≤0.003A/30min


i)  Resolution: better than 0.1nm


2. Flame Method


a)  Characteristic concentration: ≤0.02 μg/mL/1% (Cu)


b)  Detection limit: ≤0.003 μg/ml


c)  RSD≤0.45%


d)  Burner head: 50mm and 100mm interchangeable full titanium burner head


and full titanium nebulizer.


e) Position adjustment: adjustable height and angles. Flame/hydride method can be switched in 1 minute.


3. Graphite Furnace Method


a)  Characteristic concentration: ≤0.3×10-12g (Cd)


b)  Detection limit: ≤0.2×10-12g


c)  RSD≤1.8%


d)  Temperature control program: Max 20 ramp temperature increasing programming in step, slope or flat mode.


e) Temperature increasing by power or optical control


f)  Temperature increasing rate: ≥2000℃/s by power, ≥3000℃/s by optical control.


4. Background Calibration


a) Both flame and furnace method can run background calibration. b) Background: deuterium lamp, self absorption (optional)


c) Calibration capability: AAS has the calibration capability of more than 60 times when background absorption value is close to 1.0Abs


5. Data Processing


a)  Measurement methods: flame absorption, flame emission, graphite furnace and hydride.

b)  Analysis methods: linear equation, non-linear equation, added standard.


c)Print output: calibration curve, signal spectrogram, instrument conditions, analysis parameters and analysis results can all be automatically saved and printed.


6. Specifications


a)  Dimensions: 890mm (L)×567mm (W)×490mm (H), 125kg


b)  Power: 220V 50Hz one-phase power, main unit 200W, graphite furnace 4KW.


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