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NB-5510 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph




Product Introduction
NB-5510 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph




HPLC are widely used for the analysis of organic compounds with high boiling points, low volatility, high molecular weights, various polarities, and poor thermal stability. HPLC are used to analyze biologically active substances, polymers, natural polymer compounds, among others.

Medicine and Life Sciences Research and development of new drugs, biological functional deconstruction, quality control
Sanitation and Disease Control Clinical analysis, human biochemical indexes analysis, metabolite analysis
Food Processing Nutritional analysis, functional food research, antimicrobial residues, pesticide residues and
  additives analysis.
Chemical Industry Functional studies, quality control
Environmental Protection Monitoring water quality, air quality, marine environment, detection of various contaminants
Quality Supervision Commercial inspection, quality inspection, import and export inspection and quarantine
Education and Research Experiments, scientific research and teaching
Other Areas Water plants, power plants, judicial and public security departments

High automation


Wavelength selection, temperature control and semiconductor cooling are controlled through software.


Modular Structure: Attractive and Reasonable Design


High-Performance Variable Wavelength UV-Vis Detector

• High sensitivity, low noise and drift


• New optical design, concave holographic gratings provide


high repeatability


• Wide wavelength range, multi-wavelength programming,


full wavelength scanning with continuous flow, can


accurately select optimal analysis wavelength


• R232 data interface

• Long lifespan deuterium lamp, typical lifespan of 2000


hours or more

Precise thermostatic column oven


•  Large volume oven can accommodate manual injector and any two columns (15 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm).


•  Advanced temperature control suitable for low temperature separation of biological samples


•  Precise temperature control, temperature display in status panel, overheating alarm and protection (automatic shutdown).

Six-Way Valve

Six-way valve injection is compatible with international standards; easy to use, low noise, accurate injection.

P-101A High-Pressure Pump


•  This dual piston reciprocating high-pressure pump delivers a high precision steady flow. High quality sealing rings are resistant to wear, pressure and corrosion. Patented pulse dampeners ensure effective dampening. Gradient elution is controlled by software.


•  Low pulse, large flow range, continuously adjustable flow, high flow repeatability, accessible solvent replacement.


•  Features pressure monitoring and safety mechanisms, programmed control of flow and time.


•  Easy maintenance: pumps are easy to clean, repair and maintain, plunger rods and seals are accessible for cleaning and easily replaceable. Cleaning plunger rods will minimize abrasion caused by deposition of salt buffer solutions.

LC Software

•  Easy to use and intuitive, controls pump and detector


•  Powerful data processing capabilities that features a variety of quantitative algorithms.


•  Strong chromatogram comparison function


•  Features calibration curve correction


•  High degree of automation: the whole process from data collection to report printing is automated. A series of chromatograms can be saved into files for convenient management.


•  Raw chromatogram collection data and related information are recorded in compliance with GLP Standards.


•  Flexible design of report output formats


•  Set instrument information according to requirements

Technical Specifications

High Pressure Pump


Working pressure 0-42MPa
Flow range 0.001 - 15.00 mL/min (maximum flow 50.00 mL/min,
  suitable for semi-prep)
Flow accuracy RSD<0.1%
Gradient range Isocratic, binary gradient
Set value error ±0.2%
of pump flow  

Column Oven


Temperature range Semiconductor cooling 5℃~80℃ (ambient temperature <25℃)
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃

The oven can simultaneously install two different columns (15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm)

UV-Vis Detector


Light source Deuterium lamp  
Wavelength range 190nm~700nm  
Spectral bandwidth 5nm  
Wavelength indication error ±0.2nm  
Wavelength accuracy ≤0.2nm  
Wavelength scanning Multi-wavelength programming (10 wavelength ranges)  
Range of linearity >104  
Noise <1×10-5 AU (empty cell),  
  <2.0×10-5 AU (with mobile phase, dynamic)  
Drift <3×10-4 AU (empty cell),  
  <3×10-4 AU (with mobile phase, dynamic)  
Cell width 4.5mm  
Minimum detectable 4×10-8 g/ml(naphthalene)  
Technical Specifications of the AS-401 Autosampler

Performance Specifications

Repeatability RSD<0.5%
Linearity >0.999
Residual cross-contamination <0.01%

Sample positions 2×60 positions, 1.8 mL vials
Minimum injection volume 0.1 µL (250µL standard sample pump)
Injection pump 100 µL, 250µL (standard), 1 mL ...
Sampling loop volumn 100µL (standard), 20µL, 50µL, 200µL (options)
Switching rate of < 100 ms
sampling valve  
Position accuracy < 0.3 mm
Motion control method XYZ 3-dimension coordinate system
Injector cleaning method Inside and outside rinse, no restrictions on rinse times
Number of replicates No restrictions on replicates
Dimensions 300 (W) × 230 (H) × 505 (D) mm
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Compatibility Compatible with all commercial HPLC / IC systems
Temperature range 10 - 40℃
pH range 1-14
DM-100/DM-101 Online Degasser

Compatible to all HPLC, easy to install
High degassing efficiency, smooth baseline, no drift, and low noise
Basic Configuration
Single-channel, three-channel or four-channel degassing systems
are available.
Degasser is available in a horizontal or vertical orientation
according to customer requirements.


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