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Syringe Filter MCE


Model:NSF11 NSF12 NSF13 NSF14


Product Introduction

Syringe Filter MCE



25 0.22 mce


     Syringe filters are a cost-effective way to improve the quality of HPLC analysis, improve consistency, extend column life and reduce maintenance.By removing particulates before the sample enters the column, Navigator syringe filters allow unimpeded flow. Without particulates to create obstructions, your column will work more efficiently and last longer. Application In addition to HPLC, syringe filters have a multitude of other applications. A syringe filter adds a few minutes and a minimal expense to your testing process, but you will see a big return on your investment.

· Small volume venting · HPLC sample preparation

· Removal of protein precipitates

· Routine QC analysis

· Dissolution testing

Our Advantage

· Housing material is medical grade polypropylene

· Precisely designed structure ensures the fluency of the filtration. Reasonable inner space minimize the hold-up volume, so that the waste will be reduced

· Edge with screws makes operator more easy to use.

· Pore size is accurate, so that your instrument will be well protected.  

· Stable membrane quality. No difference between batch and batch assures the analysis result consistently.

· Standard female and male lure lock 

Ordering Information

NSF11 Syringe Filter 13 0.45 MCE 100 Pcs/box
NSF12 Syringe Filter 13 0.22 MCE 100 Pcs/box
NSF13 Syringe Filter 25 0.45 MCE 100 Pcs/box
NSF14 Syringe Filter 25 0.22 MCE 100 Pcs/box

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