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Dough Tensile Analyzer




Product Introduction

 Dough Tensile Analyzer product description:

1. can test dough tension. 

2. computer gathering, analysing data, simple and efficient. 

3. results saved in Access database.

Name: Dough Tensile Analyzer

Model: HZL-350


Dough Tensile Analyzer characteristics:

Drawer-type fermentation box, with spring and the oil damping guide rail, easy to open.

Enclosed circular arc contour, with dustproof, heat-held function and artistic steady natural appearance.

Simultaneously display up to 5 groups of tensile curves, which facilitates contrasting their differences.

Results saved in Access database, the consult is convenient.

Electronic transducer test stretch resistance, accurate and reliable.

Procedure automatic zero calibration, automatic start cartography.

Computer gathering, analyzing data, simple and highly efficient.


Dough Tensile Analyzer technical parameters:

Sample weight: flour 300g+6g salt distilled water.

Kneading-ball machine rotating speed: automatically stop after 83±3r/min,20r.

Rubbing machine rotating speed: 15±1 r/min.

Hook-toothed tape speed: 14.5±0.5 mm/s.

Tension test mode: electronic pressure sensor.

Computer connector: USB.

Power: AC220V, 50Hz.

Shape size: 92(L) x64(W) x95(H) cm.

Weight: about 115kg.

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