CHINA LAB 2014 Guangzhou international analysis test and laboratory equipment exhibition

Time: March 12, 2014 -3 month 14 days Location: Guangzhou poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall The organizers : Reed Sinopharm exhibitions Co., Ltd. Guangdong Province Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center Guangdong Internationa...

Food Safety Commission of the State Council was established the first session of the Committee of Experts

FoodSafetyCommissionoftheStateCouncilwasestablishedthefirstsessionoftheCommitteeofExperts. In order to meet the need of food safety supervision, give full play to the role of expert group in the field of food safety, promote the scientific...

"Imported food record management regulations" implemented in July 1st

Quality inspection administration, issued the imported food record management implementation details, the rules will be implemented on July 1st. The implementation of rules is to ensure that the imports of food safety, the implementation of...

Chinese international biological technology and Equipment Expo 2014

BIOTECH CHINA 2014 Chinese international biological technology and Equipment Expo Time : April 24, 2014 -26 place : Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall Market prospect: BIOTECH CHINA April truth Juxian , capture global trade opportunities C...

2014 eighth session of China (Xi'an) International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition

2 014 eighth session of China (Xi'an) International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition [background] Exhibition In today's world, make a spurt of progress of development of science and technology, the scientific analys...

Quality inspection administration announced the unqualified food

The State Quality Inspection Administration yesterday announced the latest imported unqualified food, cosmetics list, in February this year, seized a total of 172 batch unqualified import food and cosmetics, including multiple batches of mi...

Laboratory instrument market is developing rapidly increased

With the arrival of new era Twelfth Five, laboratory equipment industry has also ushered in the development of opportunities and challenges. ...

Asia trade: shaping the 21st century

Change in China is having an impact on patterns of trade around the world In the late 1970s I travelled to Hong Kongs northern border with the Chinese mainland and looked over to a place called Baoan County. It was a small village surrounde...

our test box market ushered in the "spring"

Ourtestboxmarketusheredinthespring Introduce: Therapiddevelopmentofthedomesticeconomy,themarketdemandforconstanttemperatureandhumidity testchambervolumeisalsoincreasing, andasaresultofthereformofenterprisesystem,constantlyappear moreconstan...

he instrumentation industry sales volume continues to increase

Theinstrumentationindustrysalesvolumecontinuestoincrease Theinstrumentationisusedtodetection,measurement,observation,calculationofvariousphysical, chemicalcomposition,physicalparametersofinstrumentorequipment,vacuumleakdetector, pressuregau...

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