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DYY-7C Electrophoresis Power Supply




Product Introduction

 Model: DYY – 7C


■ We adopt the microcomputer processor as the control center of DYY-7C; ON/OFF switch. DYY-7C has the following strong points:small, light, high output-power, stable functions;

■ The LCD can show you the following the same time: voltage, electric current, pre-assigned time, etc.;

■ It has the warning function of timing;

■ It has the function of storing the operation parameters of last time;

■ It can work in the constant state of voltage, or in the constant state of electric current, and it can be converted automatically according to the pre-assigned parameters for different needs;

■ It has the protection function when it is under the circumstances of the unloaded, overload, suddenload change and when it is beyond the limitation;

■ Parameters can be adjusted finely during the running;

■ Output terminals: 4 pairs in parallel;


■ Power requirement:A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz ±2% );

■ Input power: about 500 VA;

■ Output voltage: (2-300)V (Increase or decrease:1V/step);

■ Output current: (5-2000) mA (Increase or decrease:2mA/step);

■ Rated output power: 300 W

■ Stability: constant voltage ≤1%; constant current ≤2%;

■ Adjustment rate:constant voltage ≤2%; constant current ≤3%;

■ Size(W x D x H): 315 x 290 x 128 (mm);

■ Weight: about 5.0 kgs.


DYY-7C is very suitable for trans-blotting electrophoresis

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