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AA-7020 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer




Product Introduction

New Features


l Features a unique suspension design for the optical system. Shaking of the instrument bench or change of the environmental temperature will have no effect on the instrument's stability.

l First domestic manufacturer to use an 1800 lines/mm diffraction grating, which increases resolution and energy efficiency.

l Carefully designed deuterium lamp background reduction and self-absorption background reduction allows for more accurate calibration.

l The AA-7020 features an integrated flame and graphite furnace design that contains the optical system, atomizer, graphite furnace power supply and electronics all in one unit. It is the first such design and one of the most compact AAS in the world.


● Safe and reliable control alarm devices used to ensure over-current protection for hollow cathode lamps, insufficient pressure protection for combustion gas/protection gas, leakage alarm of combustion gas, and over-heating protection for the graphite furnace.


● Available accessories include a hydride generator, an autosampler, and a nitrous oxide / acetylene gas system, all of which help to further expand the range of applications the AA-7020 is suitable for.


l Additional features include enhanced auxiliary gas functionality, all-titanium constructed burner head with automated height adjustment, and automatic liquid trap protection.


AA-7020 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer




1.  Main Unit


1.1  Flame, reserved graphite furnace platform* (optional).


1.2  Serial port communication or network port communication (optional), automatic control of gas flow, automatic monitoring water seal level to prevent acetylene leakage, leakage alarm.


1.3  Multi-element Analysis.


1.4  1-2 super lamps (optional).



2.  Optics


2.1  Single beam flame, automatic baseline compensation, flame emission.


2.2  Suspension design for the optical system to prevent shaking of instrument bench or change of the environmental temperature.


2.3  Wavelength: 190nm~900nm, automatic wavelength scanning.


*2.4 Wavelength accuracy: ±0.1nm


*2.5 Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.05nm


2.6  Czerny-Turner grating mono-chromator


2.7  Grating: 1800 lines/mm


2.8  Bandwidth: 0.1,0.2, 0.4, 1.0 and 2.0nm, automatically adjusting slit.


2.9  Blaze wavelength: 250nm


*2.10 Resolution: better than 0.1nm


2.11  6-lamp turret


2.12  Baseline stability: static baseline stability ≤0.002A/30min, automatic baseline compensation. Dynamic baseline stability ≤0.003A/30min, automatic calibration of baseline drift.



3.  Background Calibration


3.1  Deuterium background correction.



3.2  Self absorption background correction (optional).


3.3  Automatic switch and adjustment of deuterium lamp by software.



4.  Flame Atomizer


*4.1 Full titanium spray chamber,resistant to corrosion and oxidation.


4.2  Burner head: 100 mm titanium burner head and 50 mm stainless steel burner head switchable, automatic control of front or back position and


rotation angle of burner head, automatic control of burner head up and down (optional).


*4.3 Nebulizer: Titanium nebulizer and high performance glass nebulizer. Nebulization rate of glass nebulizer reaches more than 10%. Titanium nebulizer is suitable for samples with HF acid.


4.4  Automatic monitoring water seal level to prevent acetylene leakage.


4.5  Automatic ignition.


4.6  Automatic control of gas routes, automatic control of combustion gas flow, leak alarm


*4.7 Element Analysis Data (Element Cu)


4.7.1  Characteristic concentration: ≤0.02 μg/ml


4.7.2  Detection limit: ≤0.003 μg/ml


4.7.3  RSD%:≤0.6%


*4.8 AA3-6-03X nitrous oxide equipment for analysis of high temperature elements.



5. Graphite Furnace Atomizer


*5.1 Low power small graphite furnace with built-in graphite furnace power supply. The maximum power is 4kW. The graphite furnace power is automatically switched on/off through software programming.


*5.2 Temperature control: room temperature ~ 1000 ℃ for power


temperature control, 1000 ℃ ~ 3000 ℃ for optical temperature control,

temperature control accuracy ≤ 1%, temperature reproducibility ≤ 0.5%.


5.3 Heating rate: ≥2000℃/s for power heating, ≥3000℃ for optical




5.4  Max 20 step temperature program. 3 modes of temperature rise: step, slope and flat.


5.5  Cooling water flow monitoring to ensure automatic switch off of power supply in case of lack of cooling water.


5.6  Element detection specifications (for element Cd)


5.6.1  Characteristic amount: ≤0.3×10-12g


5.6.2  Detection limit: ≤0.2×10-12g


5.6.3  RSD%:≤2%


5.7  Optional dual inner gas routes to increase life time of graphite tubes.


5.8  Using long life graphite tubes, characteristic value of Pb can reach 2500.



6.  Autosampler (Optional)


6.1  AS-600 flame and graphite furnace autosampler


6.1.1  At most 133 sample holders including 5 holders used for solutions. Many kinds of sample plates and both plastic and quartz injection tubes are compatible.


6.1.2  Without moving the autosampler, automatic sampling can be switched from flame to graphite furnace or vice versa. Manual injection can be processed without removing the autosampler.

6.1.3  Sampling depth and injection depth are software controlled.


6.1.4  Sampling of tested samples, standard samples and chemical modifiers are all software controlled.


6.1.5  After solution injection, the software will start the graphite furnace heating program automatically.


6.1.6  After each injection, the system runs an automatic rinse procedure to prevent samples from being contaminated.

6.1.7 Automatic concentration and dilution.


61.8  Graphite furnace supports hot injection and reservation function.


6.2  AS-200 Flame Autosampler


6.2.1  123 positions for samples, 6 positions reserved for standard solution, blank solution, etc.


6.2.2  The injection time and frequency can be set automatically through software.


6.2.3  Automatic rinse.


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