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Portable grain moisture meter




Product Introduction


The grain moisture meter can measure moisture in rice and wheat, digital electronic measurement way, easy operation, high accuracy,followed are characteristics:

1.      Can directly measure of brown rice, white rice, rice, wheat, barley, naked barley.

2.      It does not need to adjust instrument if the product or environmental temperature changes.

3.      Automatically calculate the average moisture, do not need conversion.

4.      Clear LCD and easy to read.

5.      Easy to operate within lightly click.

Technical parameters:

Application: brown rice, white rice, rice, wheat, barley, naked barley

Testing range: Brown rice, white rice, rice 10%-40%

            Wheat, barley, naked barley10%-35%

Accuracy: ±0.5%(10%-20%)

Product temperature range: 0℃-40℃

Display: LCD digital screen

Temperature compensation: automatic compensation

Switching model: direct automatic digital replacement

Power: 1.5V *4Pcs

Size: W189*H72*L100 (mm)

Weight: 650g

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